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The Joye Outreach Foundation

The Joye Outreach Foundation is a 501(c)3

non-profit organization.


The Joye Outreach Foundation was founded on December 12, 2020 by Coach and Motivational Speaker, Kaelynne J. Mason, LL.M.


Our Mission: The mission of the Joye Outreach Foundation is to guide women and youth on a transformational path to self-discovery of their God-given power. We aid in the cultivation of the creative gifts and talents of women and youth, for the enhancement of self-sufficiency skills and harmony in future generations.

Our Vision: The Joye Outreach Foundation envisions a world in which women and youth will grow creatively, spiritually, and socially to be impactful leaders in their communities now and in the future.

Our Motto: Just Operate Your Excellence

Our Core Values: Our core values consist of creativity, passion, knowledge, commitment, and collaboration.

  • Creativity- We pride ourselves on our ability to inspire others through our sense of originality, imagination, and innovation.

  • Passion – We are passionate about our craft and will strive to perfect it.

  • Knowledge- We strive to learn skills necessary to thrive.

  • Commitment- We are dedicated to pursuing our goals.

  • Collaboration- We are committed to effectively communicating and working together to achieve our mission.

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